Webshop FAQ

How does the webshop work?

On the webshop page, you can choose a work of art. In the right column, you can search by artist, type of work and price. You can click 'Add to Cart' to buy the work of art, or click on the desired artwork on 'More Information' for details on the work and the artist.

How do I pay the selected work?

To view the contents of your cart, click on 'Shopping Cart' on the top right corner of the website, with a list of the work of art you have selected (and) that are ready to be paid. When the selected work(s) are shown properly, click on 'Check out'. You will be redirected to the secure checkout page where you must fill in the requested information. These data are intended to guarantee payment and handling and shipping. This personal information will be kept carefully Galerie Wit and used and never be disclosed to third parties.

After filling in the personal information, and if you agree to the terms you choose your bank you with iDeal can complete the transaction.

What is iDeal?

Pay with iDEAL pay with online banking with one of the participating banks. You can pay in our store only with PayPal.

Read more about PayPal on https://www.ideal.nl/demo/en/

What about the costs?

The shipping costs are basically included in the total price, no matter where your work will be delivered.

How long will it take for my artwork to be delivered?

The artwork is shipped to you by registered mail or courier servce as soon as possible after receiving your order. Larger works can be delivered by the gallery owner, after making a previous appointment. In most cases, delivery takes place within two weeks.

Can I use the 'Kunstkoopregeling'?

For individuals aged 18-75 years who have an account with a bank in  the Netherlands, most artworks priced above € 450 can be paid via the Kunstkoopregeling of the Mondriaan Fund. After a deposit of at least 10% of the purchase price, you can obtain an interest-free loan for the remaining amount, to be paid by maximally  36 automatic monthly payments of at least € 22.50.

Instead of placing a selected piece of art in  the shopping cart, click at the bottom of the
page of the artwork on 'Buy this work via the Kunstkoop' and fill in the required personal information. After receiving this form we will get in touch with you.

Read more about the Kunstkoopregeling: http://www.mondriaanfonds.nl/activiteiten/kunstkoop/