Maaike Alma

Maaike Alma was trained at the art academies of Leeuwarden and Arnhem. She is particularly well known as a graphic artist. In recent years she made several series of forceful copper prints (dry point prints where grooves as well as adjacent compressed burrs retain the ink) of which we show several at CAT 2005. She also makes temporary installations that deal with experiencing special outdoor environments. She is inspired by the earth surface and surroundings including the sky. She is fascinated by changes in lines and light in landscapes after adding new elements (like copper plates in the photographs "Sea side" and "Sea level". She also drew virtual figures in landscapes, using maps, gps, photographs and video.

Maaike Alma exhibited o.a. in galleries in Milano, Amsterdam, Velp and the Hague, in the Singer Museum (Laren), the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, GBK Nijmegen, SBK Amsterdam, Graphic art biƫnnale (Taiwan) and De Krabbedans (Eindhoven). Her work is collections of the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, the Provinces of Gelderland and Utrecht, the towns of Wageningen and Best, Stockholm University, Wageningen University, ABN-Amro Bank, and Coopers & Lybrands.