Wit bij Witteveen #4

Lotte van Lieshout
Aline Thomassen
Miriam Pertegato
Sam van Gils
  • Amsterdam
2 Nov 2013 to 23 Nov 2013
Lotte van Lieshout, Aline Thomassen, Miriam Pertegato, Sam van Gils

This fall we show in Amsterdam figurative work by women about women and abstract, 3-dimensional work by Sam Gils (1989). The powerful watercolours inspired by the life of Moroccan women by Aline Thomassen (1964), the early morning emotions of Lotte van Lieshout (1978) that she almost daily litterally unveils in paint, and the poetic, dreamlike drawings, such as "tree woman” by Miriam Pertegato (1978) contrast in every way with Sam van Gils' skilfully and precisely sculpted wooden, metal and ceramic objects that seem to emanate stillness.