Ina Kooper


It took a long time before Ina Kooper thought the time was right to confront others with her delicate, personal art. Her paintings and drawings are the result of a painterly struggle in which much good was lost and the best remained.  Her first portraits show universal-existential aspects of humanity: vulnerability, insecurity, unrest and fear, but also courage, resilience, strength and pride. Newer work shows entire human figures sitting or walking and looking back: they step out of themselves and they see themselves, alone or through the eyes of another. In another series she pits people against a beast that stands as a metaphor for life.  Her paintings are always layered, worked through and provided with a skin. The colors are intense and daringly placed next to each other. Scratches to underlying layers of paint and drippings reveal a violent history of creation. Her drawings in various materials are more spontaneous. Those who immerse themselves in these intimate works not only discover an artist with many qualities, but also enrich themselves.